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Best Desktop Computer for Photo Editing

Best Desktop Computer for Photo Editing

Best Desktop Computer for Photo Editing
Robert Brown
September 5, 2023
Best Desktop Computer for Photo Editing

When making a purchase or hitting a like on a social media page, 75 percent of individuals depend on product photos. Thus, getting the editing part right is no longer an option but rather a necessity. And the first thing you need for that purpose is a good computer. However, choosing the right computer is easier said than done. The one that works for gaming or general work might not suffice for photo editing. Keeping that in mind, here’s bringing you a detailed account of the best computers for photo editing in 2023.

How to Select the Best Computer for Photo Editing?

There are a couple of factors to be considered when choosing the best computer for photo editing, and they are:

Desktops or Laptops

Now, this is a choice that depends on your needs and situation. The laptops available these days are pretty powerful. And the availability of external graphics cards adds to that power. Also, laptops are portable, which might be necessary for your work in some cases. So, it comes down to cost because the cost of a laptop is more than a desktop having the same specifications. In any case, we have included both laptops and desktops in our review for your convenience.


You need to max out on processors as much as the budget allows you. You need at least a quad-core or six-core processor. A quad-core suffices in terms of the performance to price ratio, but you will get better performance with a six-core processor. You are not required to add any more cores after this unless you are a really heavy user.


If you only plan to use a computer to edit photographs and don’t apply multiple effects and layers in Photoshop, 8GB of RAM is sufficient. But if you want to get a bigger megapixel count camera, you need at least 16GB. RAM is a comparatively cheap update to increase the RAM later as per your needs.

Graphics Card

When the plan is to run a dual monitor 4K setup, investing in a graphics card is worth it. Your graphics card will speed things up considerably if you use a few high-end photo editing tools. Also, when you are into video editing and photo editing simultaneously, a graphics card becomes a necessity.

Eight Best Computers for Photo Editing in 2023

And now, let’s move on to a detailed review of the eight best computers for photo editing in 2023.

1. Apple Mac Studio

Apple Mac Studio is placed somewhere between Intel Mac Pro to M1 Mac Mini when it comes to price and power. It is pretty portable, so you can carry it around if needed. At the same time, it is powerful enough to become the main system for all your activities. You can choose either the latest M1 Ultra SoC hardware or M1 Max to get amazing processing speed, GPUs, video engines, and unified memory.

Though the device doesn’t come with a mouse and a keyword by default, you can buy Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard that match the aesthetics of the workstation perfectly. All in all, this one is the perfect desktop computer for almost anything!

Best Features

  • Excellent processing powerful
  • Ability to save energy
  • High-end cost-effective workstation

2. Acer Aspire TC

If you want an affordable desktop computer to work on your photographs, Acer TC is for you. It is found in different spec configurations. Surprisingly, all of them are pretty cost-effective! The slimline case is an added advantage because this PC does not take away all your space.

You will have to start with just 8GB RAM. As mentioned earlier, 8GB is enough to start photo editing. You can upgrade up to 32GB of RAM later as needed. There is even an inbuilt SD memory card reader. There is a 1TB SSD included in some versions for faster storage.

Best Features

  • Packs a punch for an affordable price
  • The slimline case for a compact designer
  • 1TB SSD for spacious and fast storage

3. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

Though the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop is focused on a gaming theme, it is a great choice for photographers. It does the perfect job of balancing features and price. Additionally, loads of configurations are available to meet your budget and performance requirements. You can spec discrete graphics cards to fasten up your transcoding and video editing work. However, don’t get carried away and spend on only what you need.

You will get a decent 8GB to start with in terms of RAM. After that, you can go up to 16GB, which is enough for your photo editing needs. It even has a multi-card memory card reader to make it quick to get photos from the camera.

Best features

  • A cost-effective option
  • Nice and portable design
  • Abundant performance options

4. Samsung Smart Monitor M70A

Do you want the viewing experience and comfort of a desktop minus the hassle of a computer tower? Go for the Smart Monitor by Samsung. It’s nothing less than an all-in-one device but costs a lot less than any Apple desktop. The monitor is found in the market in 24, 32, and 43-inches. You can go for the latter if you want to work comfortably from the sofa. If you have a more traditional setup, the 24-inch monitor will suffice.

Best Features

  • Has the required play/work apps
  • A well-priced product
  • Easy to pair up with a Samsung phone

5. MacBook Pro 16 inches

After letting you know about the best desktops for photo editing, let’s move on to the laptops. The MacBook Pro is one of the finest choices for photographers. In fact, professionals use this device for heavy-duty editing.

The 16.2-inch screen comes packed with all kinds of the latest tech, right from the mini LED screen to P3 color support. Additionally, a high pixel ratio of 3456×2234 gives you excellent clarity. With a brightness of 1,600 nits, you can edit images right there in broad daylight. The makers have also ensured a memory card slot and HDMI.

Best Features

  • Abundant ports for easy access
  • One of the longest battery lives
  • High brightness of 1,600 nits

6. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 is the best choice for everyone, photographers included. So, if you do not want to buy a Mac, get this one. It runs on Windows 10 or 11, which would suffice your editing needs. In addition, Dell has packed the device with a host of powerhouse mobile components. Thus, editing, opening, and saving photos are as smooth and quick as ever.

And all the features are packed into a lightweight and thin body. Thus, if your photography needs tend to take you outdoors quite often, XPS is a good purchase. In addition, the OLED display ensures vivid colors and crisp blacks to make editing easier for you.

Best Features

  • An SD card slot and three Thunderbolt-3 ports
  • Brilliant 3.5K OLED display
  • Amazingly powerful performance

7. Gigabyte Aero 17

Gigabyte Aero is one of the most powerhouse laptops available for photo editing at present. A combination of a 10th generation Intel i9 processor with eight cores and Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card gets you both speed and power. Additionally, the laptop stands out as a portable, professional workstation. It was made for all kinds of editing and creative work, such as animation, 3D sculpting, photo editing, and video editing.

It offers the kind of performance and power that helps you manage all possible tasks, including editing. Enhanced clarity through 100% Adobe RGB coverage and 4K HDR screen. Thus, whatever you edit, the colors are as accurate as ever.

Best Features

  • Loads of ports for your needs
  • Brilliant and clear display
  • Gorgeous 4K HDR screen

8. Razer Blade 17

The highly powerful features and components make Razer Blade 17 the ideal laptop for different professionals. Its features have even made it win the Nvidia Studio laptop badge. Similar to some of the models mentioned previously, this one comes with several specs. You can choose the one that meets your editing needs. Of course, the device cannot be configured. But you can always go by the specs because that’ll serve the same purpose.

Apart from being a power-packed laptop, it can also work as a complete replacement for the desktop setup. There are enough ports to let you plug all the accessories without the need for additional docks. The battery life is still not up to the mark, but it won’t be a problem given all the others you will get.

Best Features

  • Loads of ports for your needs
  • Incredibly powerhouse Nvidia Studio
  • Different specs for different editing needs


And that’s all! You now have all the required details you need to buy the right laptop or desktop for photo editing. So, since getting the benefits of professional photo editing services won’t be hard anymore, let’s move on to the other aspects of digital marketing. And for that, you need the experts at Invensis!

Invensis offers you a wide range of digital marketing services, starting from SEO to Social Media Optimization. So, once you have those images ready, trust the experienced professionals to take your business to more target customers than ever. Along with that, you can even use email marketing, content writing, and reporting services for the best effect. So, get in touch with us right away!


1. Are desktops better than laptops for photo editing?

Desktops are comparable to laptops in terms of their ability to edit photos. The only difference is price and portability. Laptops are costlier and more portable. So, choose as per your needs.

2. How much RAM is necessary for photo editing?

If you only plan to use a computer to edit photographs and don’t apply multiple effects and layers in Photoshop, 8GB of RAM is sufficient. But if you have a high-end camera, you need at least 16GB.

3. Are graphics cards necessary for photo editing?

When the plan is to run a dual monitor 4K setup, investing in a graphics card is worth it. Your graphics card is going to speed things up considerably, especially for both video and image editing.

4. What is the best software for photo editing?

Adobe Photoshop is widely accepted as the best software for photo editing. However, if you are need more options, consider Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and DxO PhotoLab.

5. Which is the best computer for photo editing?

MacBook Pro 16 is undoubtedly one of the finest choices for photographers. However, if you are looking for a desktop, you can try Apple Mac Studio. Then, opt for other brands like Dell, Razer Blade, and the likes for something more affordable.



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