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Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Editing Task

Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Editing Task

Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Editing Task
John Mcdermutt
November 27, 2023
Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Editing Task

So, you have decided to take your e-commerce business to the next level by outsourcing product photo editing services. Excellent decision! Photo editing is an important part of online product selling. If your product photos are not up to the mark, it will have a negative impact on customers and hampers your chances of making a sale. That's why many online sellers turn to Invensis for professional photo editing services. At Invensis, we have over 15 years of experience in providing high-quality product image editing services to e-commerce businesses of all sizes, across the globe. So irrespective of which industry your business belongs to, you can count on us for strikingly good retouched images.

How to Outsource Your Photo Editing Task?

As technology is undergoing rapid advancement, the e-commerce industry has grown massively over the last decade. This has an enormous impact on customer experience, which has brought about an increasing customer demand. To tackle this demanding situation, almost all businesses outsource photo editing services. The main reason behind outsourcing is to gain high-quality photos for e-commerce business. Besides, outsourcing also helps in saving considerable time so you can focus on other crucial tasks.

So whether you have an e-commerce business or a photography business, finding a perfect professional photo editor might be difficult. But choosing an outsourcing service like Invensis, for editing your photos is an ideal choice. This will help you focus on product pricing, ratings, delivery, and other important things. A majority of consumers make their online purchase decision only through high-quality images. In fact, neuroscientists at MIT found that the human brain can process images in just 13 milliseconds. That means, in the blink of an eye, consumers can judge the product quality. Therefore, the first impression matters for online sellers. 

Many online consumers have complained that the real products look far more different than the displayed product image. We’re sure you would never want your business to face such a troublesome situation. Thus we recommend you outsource your photo editing tasks. But if you’re new to this, you might not have a clear picture of how to move about. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. This article will give you valuable insights into the ways of outsourcing your photo editing tasks. Further, you will learn the benefits of outsourcing photo editing and certain other things you must consider. Let’s get started.

Outsourcing Photo Editing Tasks - What is it?

Photo editing tasks usually come up during the last phase, where you need to retouch your product images. This phase is highly vital as it directly reaches your target specific audience. It is essential to deliver top-quality product images so that potential consumers are compelled to purchase. To make the product images look perfectly appealing, you need expert assistance. And outsourcing this task to professional experts can only make your product images look perfect and appealing. Moreover, this will efficiently enhance the reputation of your e-commerce business. And that is exactly where Invensis comes into play as the ideal professional photo editing services partner for your business.

In-House Photo Editing Vs Outsourced Photo Editing

Both in-house photo editing and outsourced photo editing have numerous advantages. Let’s take a quick look at them.

In-House Photo Editing Team

Outsourced Photo Editing Team (Invensis)

  • Efficient and improved control
  • Scalability
  • Better communication
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Predetermined image quality
  • Comparatively lower expenses

What are the Reasons for Outsourcing Photo Editing Tasks?

Outsourcing photo editing comes with lots of compelling benefits. And that is probably the only reason behind outsourcing photo editing tasks. Both big and small, E-commerce businesses deliberately leverage outsourcing to edit their product images. You must know that outsourcing provides effective cost benefits and other advantages. So outsourcing your photo dieting tasks will provide you with improved image quality, scalability, faster turnaround time, and much more. And choosing Invensis as your photo editing outsourcing partner will be the finest decision you make.

Techniques for Outsourcing Photo Editing Tasks

For obtaining the best quality product images, expert retouches are not sufficient. It also requires:

  • Extensive knowledge of photo editing software
  • Clear and proficient understanding of photo editing software
  • Quality time to process and improve raw images

Outsourcing can be significantly demanding; it is always better to determine your requirements. Also, before outsourcing photo editing, ensure that you acquire the requisite quotes and specifications. This will help you make a careful selection and choose the best. Nevertheless, choosing Invensis to attain high quality processed photographs is the wisest choice.

Let us now check out the exact techniques you must follow for outsourcing your photo editing tasks.

  • Perform a Thorough Research: Before finalising your desirable outsourcing service, it is always better to perform extensive research work. This will efficiently help you:
  • pick out the professional companies offering image editing outsourcing services. Look out for affordable service charges. Only then you'll be able to find out the one which guarantees professional photo editing, thereby matching your retouching needs. While Invensis has been efficiently providing photo retouching, clipping and stitching services, you can choose us as your outsourcing partner.
  • Talk About the Turnaround Time: Make sure you always choose reputed companies like Invensis for outsourcing your image editing tasks. This is because we are committed and reliable to fulfil and deliver projects on time. Sometimes you will also get quicker deliveries. For example, we deliver your assigned projects way before the promised deadline only to develop our clients' trust. So discussing the turnaround time in prior will allow our experts to streamline their given tasks.
  • Obtain a Sample of Edited Image: The best way to judge the work quality is to acquire a sample of an edited image. Then, you can evaluate the quality of work done by the image editing service provider - Invensis. Then, if required, you can further mention your requirements and guide for polished works. Once you feel that your chosen service provider is efficient in completing your task, you're good to go.
  • Figure Out Your Budget: Before outsourcing your image editing tasks, one of the essential things is to consider your budget. After figuring out your budget, it will be easier to choose a desirable service provider. But, of course, you should always select a pricing model that doesn't burn holes in your pocket.
  • Formulate Translucent Communication: Translucent communication is key to nourishing an outsourcing partnership. So make sure that your chosen company offers translucent communication during business hours. Also, see that they are ready to take calls to monitor work progress. And if there is a facility of 24*7 customer support like Invensis provides, that works like a cherry on the top!
  • Skim Through Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Reading customer testimonials will help you make wise decisions about establishing associations. It is essential to read reviews to learn about the opinion of previous clients before associating with Invensis. Reading positive reviews will help you to get associated with us without any second thought. Besides, this also allows us to increase our client trust to a great extent.
  • Make Sure You Get the NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement Signed: Signing a non-disclosure agreement has become more critical than ever. This efficiently helps in keeping all-important content and information safe and secure. It works more like a legal bond between you and the outsourcing company to avoid a breach of trust.

To keep your images private and avoid sharing, it is essential to sign an NDA. Thus, your service provider is legally obligated to keep your photos and personal information in safe hands. And they are further restricted from sharing them with any third parties.

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

Technological innovations are helping the e-commerce industries boom massively. Of course, you'll know that all online businesses must showcase their products to attract potential buyers. But it is essential to make your products look appealing so that they can turn a significant number of heads. To obtain precise and high-quality images acquiring expert assistance is more than necessary. And this procedure can be done without any hassles only when the task is outsourced. But before you can outsource your photo editing tasks to any third-party service provider, there are a few things to consider. They are:

  • Checking Out Service Requirements: You will find that not all photo editing outsourcing firms offer holistic services. For example, while some companies specialise in background services, some offer vector conversion. So only if you figure out that your service requirements match the outsourcing firm, you're good to associate with.
  • Going Through Customer Reviews: To understand and learn about the goodwill of a firm, you must check out customer reviews and testimonials. This will guide you to determine the most efficient company to deliver quality services and deal with market risks.
  • Determining the Capacity of Your Chosen Service Provider: Make sure that you hire companies who have extensive experience handling bulk orders. Besides, you also need to check whether they can deliver your orders within the stipulated time. If your chosen firm can guarantee this, you will likely flourish in the market massively.
  • Checking Whether the Services are Cost-Effective: Before appointing and confirming any outsourcing firm for photo editing services, shortlist and compare their services. If you have a predetermined budget, that's great. But if you don't have one, you need to fix your budget. So taking in the amount of editing, workload, and frequency of results, you need to figure out your budget. After this, you can efficiently select the right company that offers cost-effective services. This will also help you in yielding improved sales.
  • Figuring Out Turnaround Time and Support Availability: Before hiring a third-party service provider to outsource your requirements, you must confirm their availability. Also, make sure that their line of communication is translucent and doesn't affect the turnaround time.
  • Determining Security: Whenever you plan to outsource your image editing tasks to a third-party service provider, you must determine the security measures. First, you need to check whether they use quality certifications to upload and download files. So before you can confirm anything, quickly enquire about their benchmark.

Why Choose Photo Editing Services from Invensis?

Invensis has provided professional, high-quality image editing services for more than 15 years. In addition, our experts offer digital photo repair and restoration services to all our valuable clients. Choosing our services will help your business flourish even more.

We cater to all industries, including real estate, fashion, education, e-commerce, retail, etc. Our mission is to deliver consistent solutions with commitment. Some of our prominent image editing services include: 

After associating with Invensis, you will notice the differences in your product images. Moreover, you will see how rapidly the number of your target specific clients increases.

To Conclude

Even though searching for efficient third-party photo editing firms can be tedious, it is not impossible. Following the right path will help you make an affirmative decision. Thus it will help your e-commerce business to flourish efficiently.


1. What is the turnaround time and expected time of delivery?

At Invensis, we probably offer the quickest delivery to our clients. Our turnaround time is 24 hours from when you supply your images to us.

2. How many images can you edit daily?

At Invensis, our in-house experts can edit more than 10,000 images daily.

3. Is it possible to obtain free samples?

Yes, it is possible. Our experts will provide you with free samples without any obligation. So by evaluating our work quality, you can determine whether or not you would like to associate with us.

4. After outsourcing my image editing tasks, will I still possess the ownership?

At Invensis, we prioritise your confidentiality, so we never commit to anything unethical. So even if we edit and retouch your images, the ownership will still be possessed by you.

5. Is it possible to edit panoramas?

Yes, it indeed is. Since 2007 our professional experts have mastered their skills of editing panoramas. Moreover, we have edited more than 200000 panoramas since then.



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