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How do I avail your services?

Contact us and we will provide you with FTP details to upload your images, which would then be processed and delivered to you via the same medium.

Why should I choose Invensis?

You must choose Invensis because we employ the most talented retouchers to work on your images, and our prices are quite affordable for you. To top it all, we boast of a turnaround time of just 24 hours, which means that we value your time, money and quality concerns more than anyone else.

What kind of people would work on my images?

Invensis hires and employs only the best in the business. All our retouchers are certified design graduates with an average 2-3 years of retouching experience. Our workforce is mostly aged under 30, which has helped us to build a very creative, energetic and efficient team.


What are your prices like?

Since every client has different requirements, we prefer to quote our prices in accordance with your needs instead of over-charging you with standard price-charts. We can assure you of the most affordable prices in the market.

Are your price quotes negotiable?

We believe in offering value-for-money services to our clients, which is why we always quote the best and most affordable price according to your needs. If you still wish to negotiate that, we are open for discussion.

I have availed your services before. Am I eligible for some "regular customer benefits" in terms of price?

We at Invensis believe in building long-term relationships with all our clients. Even though there is not much room for discounts on our already best-priced quotes, yet we make it a priority to keep our "regular customers" satisfied in terms of prices as well as quality.

Available Services

Do you provide any other services, apart from the ones listed on the website?

We believe in offering value-for-money services to our clients, which is why we always quote the best and most affordable price according to your needs. If you still wish to negotiate that, we are open for discussion.

Who can avail your services?

We do not restrict anybody to avail our services. Our clients could be individuals or companies, professional photographers or photography-illiterates. We serve anybody who has a photo-retouching requirement irrespective of their location on the globe and the size or nature of the orders.

So you never say 'no' to any incoming order?

We reserve the right to say 'no' if the client demands retouching of illegal or objectionable images. Also, we might refuse service in the rare case where we find ourselves incompetent of satisfying your requirements.

Free Trials

Who is eligible for a free trial?

Any prospective client who wants to get a sneak-peek into the quality of our service is eligible for a free trial.

How do I avail my free trial?

A free trial is restricted to a maximum of TWO images. To avail your free trial, Click here and contact us.

What if I do not want to avail your services after the free trial?

If you do not like the quality delivered to you in the free trial, you can talk to us so that we could better understand your needs and provide you a second free trial. If you are still not satisfied, you are free to leave us and we would NOT charge you for anything.

Placing an Order

I loved the trial. How do I place an order now?

We are glad to be able to serve you. To begin, you should contact us so that we could assist you on how to upload your images via FileZilla. We will provide you the FTP Login Details so that you can upload all your images and we will provide you the best customer-experience you can imagine.

How many images can I upload in a single order?

We impose no restrictions on the quantity of your order. You could upload as few as just 10 images or as much as 10,000 images in a single order. We would be glad to serve you.

Is there a maximum image size for the photos I upload?

No, we can handle any number of megabytes of your photos as long as you have a decent internet connection to upload it all.

What image formats or resolutions am I allowed to upload?

You can provide the images in ANY format (JPG, PNG etc.) and in ANY resolution (1380 X 720 etc) convenient to you. Just tell us your requirements and we will handle all format conversion or scaling issues.

Privacy Policy

How am I supposed to trust that my images are in safe hands?

We value our clients' privacy above everything else and assure you that there would be no violation of your privacy whatsoever. To strengthen your trust in us, we are an ISO 27001 certified company and we follow strict data security methodologies. We would also be signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you at the time of placing the order.

Will you be showcasing my photos in your portfolio or anywhere else?

We respect your right to privacy and will NEVER showcase any of your images anywhere. If such a need should arise for us, we would contact you and use those images only if you consent. No images shall be used without your permission.


How do I get in touch with you?

We give extreme importance to communication with clients and prospective customers. You can view our contact information and choose the medium most convenient to you. Whenever contacted, we revert back to you in less than 12 hours.

How often do we communicate during the processing of my order?

While we are processing your order, we keep you updated throughout. If you wish to communicate with us during this time, feel free to do so.

Can I get technical support for uploading the photos or any other similar issue I might be having?

Of course, you can. Although we make it a point to simplify things for you as much as possible, yet if you are stuck or doubtful at any point, you can always request a call back so that our technical experts will help you out.

Is it possible for me to interact with the retouchers who are working on my order?

The process at Invensis is very transparent and we do ALLOW interaction with retouchers, should such a need arise. If you are not satisfied with what we do to your images, you can always talk to our retouchers directly to clarify your requirements and also to understand the feasibility of your expectations. Our retouchers are always willing to learn and ready to take feedback directly from the clients so that they can perform better.

Delivery Process

What is the turnaround time of getting my images processed?

We boast of a very prompt turnaround time of just 24 hours. This means that we retouch your images and deliver them back within 24 hours of your uploading them. However, this number can decrease or increase depending upon the volume of your order.

How do you deliver the finished images?

We deliver the images the same way you upload them. We use FileZilla and provide you with the FTP login details so that you can download your processed images. We also notify you when your order has been finished so that you don't have to keep checking back.

In what format and resolution will I get my images delivered?

We deliver the images in the formats and resolution of your choice. In case you do not specify a particular format or resolution, we deliver it in the same specification as the raw image you uploaded.

What if I lose my FTP login details?

You can always contact us in any such situation and we would be happy to re-provide you those details after suitable verifications.

Quality Considerations

How do you assure the quality of your services?

In its entire history, Invensis has never received any quality complaints from its clients. This is a result of following stringent quality control processes and employing only expert and proficient retouchers. Every processed image undergoes a quality examination before being delivered to the customer. We are also an ISO 9001 certified company following strict quality measures to ensure hassle free client relationship

What if I don't like the quality of the images you deliver?

In case you are not satisfied with the quality of your images you can always get in touch with our retouchers and explain your expectations to them. We will redo the entire process for you till you are satisfied with what we deliver.

Will I be charged extra if I ask for re-processing of any image?

We do NOT charge any additional penny for the rework iterations that our retouchers might have to undergo to satisfy your demands. If however, your expectations change after placing the order, we might ask for a justified amount to further satisfy the change in your expectation.