Top 5 Tips for Hiring Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography can be an extremely tricky business. With incomes levels of young people rising each day, weddings are not just a celebration in a family. The spending is huge and the stakes are high. Couples might spend a huge amount on outfits, décor, venue and food but the one which will preserve those wonderful moments for eternity is photography. The role of photography in capturing those priceless moments forever is known to everyone. Yet not everyone who has the best of intentions ends up with the best pictures. Couples have huge expectations from their wedding photographers who work extremely hard to make those dreams come true.

Unlike other aspects of the wedding such as the music, cake or the flower arrangements, photographs are something that no one will have an idea about until after the ceremony. Every photographer has his own unique way of telling a story through photographs. Experienced photographers will usually take photos as requested by the couples. Traditional style photography has the advantage of the couples being able to predict how the photos will look like. Couples must be selective and carry out careful research regarding professional skills, personal demeanor and artistic style when selecting the right wedding photographer.

Here are few tips for hiring wedding photographers:
  • Settle for a Particular Style:

    Different photographers have their own unique style of capturing a wedding. The photos range from photojournalism, fine art, documentary, modern traditional, portraiture, edgy-bold among others. Couples must first decide on a photography style that appeals to them before beginning their research as it will give them an idea about the kind of photographer they will want for their wedding.

    In the photojournalism style, the wedding photographer captures candid moments unobtrusively. In a photojournalist approach, the wedding photographer will provide a pure documentary coverage of the wedding and is best suited for couples who hate posing for pictures. Here the photographer will hang back and capture most of the action as it happens. The drawbacks are the minimal emphasis given to arranged details, staged elements and posed portraits of the wedding.


    Fine art style of photography is something that is hard to define but one look at it and it is easily comprehendible. Here, the wedding photography is less about the photograph and more about the photographer with most of them having a background in either photography or art and experience of working in a darkroom. The best part of this style of photography is that the images can be a wedding photo as well as a standalone piece of art. The advantage of fine art photography is that the photos will be unique and will not look like anyone else’s.


    Traditional photography is what most opt for these days but with a tinge of modernism added to the photographs. It is tough to find traditional photographers these days except in small towns where the photography industry hasn’t caught up yet. In this type of photography the emphasis is on portraits. Here the photographers pay close attention to details, often capturing moments with the intent of putting them together in an album later.


  • Conduct your Research:

    This should be the first step every couple out there must do before hiring a wedding photographer. But there are still a large number of couples who do not conduct any basic research into different wedding photographers before hiring one. With respect to style, service and budget all photographers may not be the same. A bad photographer will capture random pictures without giving any importance to the setting, moment or the people involved. The following picture shows a person in the foreground where clearly the bride must have been given more importance.


    Research must be started by reviewing recent wedding reviews by brides and also by browsing through numerous local listings. Couples can also review websites and blogs of potential photographers and check the photos from various other weddings that they have shot to get a clear picture of their style of photography. Friends who have already gone down the aisle can also suggest some really good wedding photographers.

  • Give Importance to Budget:

    When it comes to wedding photography, cost is something that can be negotiated but not quality. Pricing can vary considerably depending on the type of services that are selected. In the United States, a wedding photographer usually charges in the range of $2,500 to $15,000 depending on where the photographer is based and the type of packages selected.

    The key aspects that must be covered by the couple when interviewing potential photographers is their shooting fee for different packages, standard rates for the type of album they provide and the amount of coverage depending on the number of days they are booked for. Finding out what is included in the standard package and charges for extra services such as covering engagement shoot and special effects is also important. Too much haggling with the wedding photographer over the price is also not recommended but some exceptions can be made.

  • View Samples of Complete Weddings:

    The real talent of a wedding photographer can be gauged by looking at various pictures from a single wedding they have captured. The variety and uniqueness that the photographer brings into their pictures can be understood through these pictures. The couple should not base their decision solely based on what is highlighted in the photographer’s gallery or album as only their best works are showcased there and may include pictures from different weddings. It may not provide a well-rounded idea of their work. If they have captured various moods in a single wedding and it matches the style of photography highlighted in their gallery, then that is the kind of photographer couples must target.


  • Confirming your Photographer:

    Having appealing and high quality images of the products can make the difference between a conversion and no sale. An experiment conducted by showed that by using a professional high quality photograph of a product the conversion rate increased by 21%. Therefore high resolution images of the products must be used to ensure that the customers are able to view the clearest picture possible.


    Most photo studios which have more than one photographer under their payroll and unless specified in the contract, they may not send the lead photographer on the day of the wedding. Couples need to make sure that the photographer they interviewed and whose work they reviewed before hiring is the one who will work at the wedding. Depending on the size of the wedding guest list, the number of photographers can also be increased accordingly to get increased coverage.

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