7 Wedding Photography Mistakes to be Avoided at All Cost

For a photographer, one of the toughest assignments is to cover a wedding ceremony. The stress levels are too high and the bride and groom put a huge amount of pressure on the photographer to capture the best possible shots. When the stakes are so high it won’t be long before something goes wrong especially in the area of photography. For everyone involved, weddings can be an emotionally charged moment and can create logistical nightmares. Wedding photos should be all about the bride and the groom and the photos must accurately reflect their lives and personalities so that they can look back on those images with fondness.


Weddings can be quite unpredictable and therefore it can be hard to sort out scenarios that might work well. On the wedding day most of them are told about what to do to achieve those amazing photographs but none are told what not to do. An unprepared photographer can also miss out on some of the best opportunities for capturing those portraits and group photos which can contribute to poor photographs.

Here are few wedding photography mistakes that must be avoided at all costs:
  • 1) Not Finalizing a Schedule:

    Having a fixed and final wedding schedule gives ample time to the wedding photographers to set up at any position to capture those perfect shots. Before finalizing the schedule of the wedding day it is better to have a talk with the wedding photographers to make sure that those events can be effortlessly captured by them. There is nothing merrier than having a stress free wedding where everything runs on time and everyone are ready to get their pictures taken when needed.

    The wedding coordinator and the photographer must exercise their control over how the wedding day is run which ensures the creation of the best photography schedule. Considerations must be given to the use of natural and artificial light as certain times of the day can create unflattering and harsh shadows on the face whereas other times can create a warm glow on everyone’s face.

  • 2) Giving Less Importance to Capturing Stories:

    There is huge storytelling potential during weddings. The gathering is inherently celebratory and romantic. Music is playing, spirits are high and as the night approaches the dance floor is filled with joyful motion. These beautiful stories must be immortalized by the wedding photographers as it happens.


    Passive and simple documentation of the revelry only results in mundane photographs that do not capture the whole essence of the wedding. In a highly dynamic environment wedding photographers must put all their social and technical skills into action to capture genuine moments.

  • 3) Hiring Inexperienced Photographers:

    Hiring an experienced and professional photographer is quintessential in ensuring those memorable wedding moments are captured and can be cherished forever. Cameras are not what make a photographer but skills do. The most common mistake a couple makes is hiring a dear friend as a photographer just because they are in possession of an impressive DSLR camera.

    Some photographers hoodwink clients by having a beautiful website, few saturated photographs and fake client testimonials but will usually have nothing to show in terms of experience. Wedding photographers must also be realistic about their experience and capabilities before committing to shooting a wedding ceremony. The photographers must also have the ideal kit with which they must be familiar with and confident in using.

  • 4) Failing to hire more than one Photographer:

    A second photographer can be hired to work alongside the main photographer during a wedding. Moreover, a large number of wedding photographers prefer to have second photographers to help them cover various events simultaneously especially in large weddings. It is impossible to expect a single photographer to be omnipresent and capture every possible memorable event at the wedding.


    While the main photographer is capturing a particular event, the second photographer can cover another significant aspect of the wedding. The second photographer also offers his own unique point of view while capturing those moments.

  • 5) Photographs being Photo bombed:

    Photo bombs, unexpected backdrops and animals provide some funny moments during a wedding but can completely ruin the wedding photos. Some vexatious guests will do anything to photo bomb a click. It can be really annoying for photographers when some attendees begin to take pictures from their own cameras and inadvertently end up photo bombing a moment being captured by the professional wedding photographer. These unofficial photographers rob the professional wedding photographers of some brilliant shots.


  • 6) Posing without Proper Direction:

    When guests and the bride and the groom alike pose for the photographs, it can lead to some weird artificial looking snaps. This can be avoided by the wedding photographer by providing proper directions to the guests so that a beautiful moment can be captured with its charm intact. Arranging large groups is extremely tough as the photographer needs to ensure that everyone in the frame is visible, looking at the camera, smiling and most importantly not blinking.


    A tall tripod or a high vantage point is quite helpful while shooting large groups. Photographers must also keep something which makes a loud noise like a whistle to attract attention when directing a group. The wedding photographer must make sure that all elements such as the lighting, background and the subject are properly in place before capturing the moment.

  • 7) Equipment Failure:

    Photography equipment failure is one of the most dreaded nightmares photographers face on a regular basis. There can be no excuses if the bride and groom are completely relying on the wedding photographer to make their wedding day memorable. In a one-time event like a wedding, there cannot be any retakes. But things never go as planned and being prepared is the only thing a responsible professional wedding photographer can do.


    While hiring a wedding photographer, couples must not only look at the photographer’s reputation and quality of work but also their preparedness and accountability. Photographers must double up on all their kits so that if anything breaks or fails, the back-up equipment can be immediately used.

    Weddings are huge events which can rarely be planned to perfection. And especially in wedding photography, imperfections are bound to creep in. From that uninvited guest who photo bombs a perfect family snap or the neighbor’s dog strolling next to the bride and groom during their post wedding photo op, anything can go wrong. But these imperfections can be corrected during post processing by partnering with an expert digital photo editing company to make the photos look memorable for generations to come.

By observing the points in this checklist, businesses will be able to identify the right wedding photo editing outsourcing partner and can enter into long-term partnership. Businesses that choose to outsource image editing save valuable time and resource costs and can focus on their core capability for growth.

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