1. How to Outsource Image Editing to a Professional Photo Editing Company

Businesses all over the world require good quality edited images for different uses. These businesses could be: real estate companies, eCommerce and retail companies, photo editing studios and professional photographers, printing presses, educational institutions, advertising agencies, graphic design studios, media and publication companies, manufacturers and catalog companies, and others. Read More

2. Top 10 Tips for Product Photography for eCommerce Websites

Product photos are one of the most important elements for an online store. The difference between amateurish and professional looking product photos could drastically affect online sales. Product photos are meant to capture attention and can make or break an online shopper’s opinion of a product, irrespective of the color, style, size or other qualities that is being displayed. A study by Forbes has found that “67% of consumers say that an image is very important when selecting a product”. Read More

3. Top 5 Tips for Hiring Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography can be an extremely tricky business. With incomes levels of young people rising each day, weddings are not just a celebration in a family. The spending is huge and the stakes are high. Couples might spend a huge amount on outfits, décor, venue and food but the one which will preserve those wonderful moments for eternity is photography. The role of photography in capturing those priceless moments forever is known to everyone. Yet not everyone who has the best of intentions ends up with the best pictures. Couples have huge expectations from their wedding photographers who work extremely hard to make those dreams come true. Read More

4. 7 Wedding Photography Mistakes to be Avoided at All Cost

Get to know the top 7 wedding photography mistakes to be avoided at all cost. Wedding photos should be all about the bride and the groom and the photos must accurately reflect their lives and personalities so that they can look back on those images with fondness. Read More

  • In 2014, we edited over 100,000 images of residential and commercial real estate properties for a US-based photography studio that services large parts of the Western Washington area.
  • We retouched more than 92,000 digital photos in 2014 for a leading online photography editing services studio that is headquartered in Texas, USA.
  • We edited and enhanced more than 91,000 property photographs for a leading UK-based provider of energy performance certificates, photography, floor plans and green deal advice reports.
  • We processed over 60,000 panoramas in 2013 for one of the largest hotel and resort chains of the world.

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