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Bridal Photo Editing and Retouching Services for Photographers

Wedding Photo Retouching Services for Wedding Photographers

Wedding photos are the most cherished photos for anyone, which makes it very important to get them retouched by the best in the industry. Our aim is to make your wedding photographs so perfect that whenever you look at them a few years down the line, you can almost relive those moments and the joy would freshen-up in your mind.

Being a wedding photographer is a challenging task. Retouching 1000's photographs is a very time consuming affair and to add to the stress clients have extreme specifications. We help you shed that burden and select your preferred services below.

We are experts in editing and retouching of wedding photos

Invensis photo retouching lab provides any kind of wedding photo editing services based on the client's requirements. However, the standard ones are listed here:

  • Bridal Photo Retouching

  • Looking good on the wedding day is most important for any bride, much more than it is for the groom. If however, something goes wrong; our retouchers are experts at fixing it all. This includes teeth whitening and correction, reduction of blemish, acne, moles and freckles, changing hair colors, adjustments in appearance of veins and arteries, removal of stray hair and addition of virtual make-up.

  • Removal of Photography Defects

  • Even the most brilliant wedding photographers are unable to avoid a number of inevitable defects owing to other limitations like improper lighting, poor equipment or impatient guests. We are a professional company capable of fixing all photography defects like red eye removal, lighting adjustments, homogenizing improper flash, photo color correction, and adjustment of exposure. Our wedding photo editing services will help you achieve the quality you are looking forward to.

  • Wedding Photo Enhancement and Glamor Addition

  • Wedding photos are meant to be special and glamorous. They need to stand-out and give you a royal feeling. Our wedding photo retouching team are capable of doing just that. They accomplish this by applying proper color tones and brightness settings, livening the background, glamorizing the bride and groom to make them stand apart from the rest of the guests and even enhancing the environment and background.

  • Wedding Photo Manipulation: Add or Remove People

  • We know this sounds unethical, but we focus on making our clients' wedding memories special and happy. So, if there is someone who makes you gloomy, we can have that person removed from all your photos. Also, if you wish someone was there, just provide us with a photograph of that person and our wedding photo editing services team will blend him or her into the scene with absolute perfection.

  • Image Culling Services

  • Image Culling services is what you are looking for when your wedding photos run up to hundreds and thousands of images and often find no time and is difficult to sort and arrange them in order. Our retouching lab provides you exactly that. The retouchers at Invensis know exactly what images to chose and what images to discard. We have been helping wedding photographers and individuals for years and experience is on our side to provide you 100% quality.


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